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American Graduate station:

WNET/Thirteen (New York, NY)  -  Visit WNET's American Graduate Website

WNET New YorkWNET hosted the second annual American Graduate Day on September 28, 2013. The live, multi-platform event was streamed live from the Tisch WNET Studios at Lincoln Center in New York City. The day featured a 7 hour "call to action" marathon around critical themes, including expanded learning time and after school programs, early education, mentoring, career readiness and college completion, STEM programs, family support and dropout re-engagement and prevention.

WNET partnered with ReelWorks Teen Filmaking in Brooklyn to capture youth perspectives on the dropout crisis using youth generated content. These participating teens developed, “American Dropout,” a half hour documentary focused on the dropout crisis in New York City that  featured the voices of  high school dropouts speaking candidly to their friends and peers about why they dropped out, the challenges they face, and how they're working to overcome them. (Left: A teen shares his struggles with school in 'American Dropout')

The film debuted during WNET’s 2012 American Graduate Day, which also featured a full day of programming focused on issues and programs related to raising awareness of the dropout crisis in our community and on the importance of staying in school.
The station also hosted a Teacher Town Hall that featured 5 panellists, one from each borough, in a small in-studio discussion that was hosted by PBS NewsHour’s Ray Suarez. 
WNET worked closely with the NYC Mayor’s Interagency Task Force on Truancy, United Way of NYC-Project GPS, Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology, PS 185, The Urban Ambassadors: Purpose Distinction Leadership, Graphic Arts High School, Change for Kids, Good Shepard Services, New York City Housing Authority (King Towers and Rutgers Centers), Polic Athletci League NYC, Robin Hood Foundation, Children’s Aid Society, ReelWorks Teen Filmakers, Bloomingdale Family Center, PS/IS 111, PS 188, 52nd Street Project, Counceling in Schools, Mercy College, Partnership with Children, and Rise Up and Walk.

New York Videos:
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WMHT | American Graduate Youth Summit
WMHT | American Graduate Youth Summit Students held a Youth Summit to engage high school students to strategize solutions to reduce high school drop-out rates. Read more
WMHT American Graduate Day 2012 | Mentoring
WMHT American Graduate Day 2012 | Mentoring Mentoring is an effective strategy for working with youth in at-risk situations who are in need of role models and a positive support... Read more
WMHT Talks Education
WMHT Talks Education WMHT Talks Education featured a series of TED-inspired talks, as well as theatre, videos, and experiential audience participation. Read more
Teacher Town Hall - New York
Teacher Town Hall - New York American Graduate: A Conversation with New York Teachers Read more
WMHT American Graduate Day 2012
WMHT American Graduate Day 2012 Local segments from WMHT focus on isses of teen pregnancy, mentoring, engaging curricula and bullying. Read more
WMHT American Graduate Day | Bullying
WMHT American Graduate Day | Bullying WHMT in New York addresses bullying in schools as part of its 2012 American Graduate Day broadcast. Read more
American Graduate Day 2012
American Graduate Day 2012 WNET produced the first-ever American Graduate Day on September 22, 2012. The Multi-platform event featured 7 hours of programming... Read more
WMHT American Graduate Day 2013
WMHT American Graduate Day 2013 Local segments from WMHT focus on isses of early childhood education, cradle to career pipeline, community collaboration and STEM. Read more
American Graduate Day 2013
American Graduate Day 2013 American Graduate Day 2013 Read more
Engagement Communities:

WMHT (Troy, NY)  -   Visit the WMHT American Graduate Website

WMHT New YorkWMHT collaborated with the Liberty Partnerships Program at the University of Albany to amplify youth voices and perspectives. The station guided local youth as they produced media addressing two topics identified as critical factors in a student’s decision to drop out: bullying and teen pregnancy. Students held an American Graduate Youth Summit that was broadcast through interstitials, and integrated into the WMHT American Graduate website and social media for wider distribution. WMHT subsequently shared the media and Summit format with regional schools and programs.

WHMT also broadcast a one-hour town hall meeting that included participation from local high school students through a variety of media and technology tools.

In addition to airing the national 2013 American Graduate Day broadcast, WMHT produced local segmentstelling the story of local community partners and how they provide support, advice, and intervention services to at-risk students across the Capital District Region.

WMHT partners include Liberty Partnership Program at the Unviersity of Albany, Tamarac Middle-High School, Black Child Development Institute (BCDI), Boys and Girls Club of Albany, Albany Promise, Albany School District, AVillage, Hamilton Fulton Montgomery BOCES, and New York State United Teachers.

WSKG (Binghamton, NY)  -   Visit the WSKG American Graduate Website

WSKG launched an initiative, “Are You In?” to encourage teachers to engage their students on the topic of dropout prevention and share their activities and discussion surrounding these efforts.

The station hosted a Community Dialogue event at Binghamton High School that featured conversation on what teens have to say about the dropout crisis- and the support they need to graduate.

The station aired television and radio features about the dropout crisis, which included segments on local radio show “Innovation Trail” and a two-part special of “Community Conversations” as well as “9 Seconds: A Community Talkback,” a panel discussion that featured local experts and community members sharing their opinions, perspectives and ideas on the dropout crisis.
WSKG New York
By creating a two-day Radio Boot-Cam, WSKG staff coached students in writing a radio script and taught voice, interviewing and editing techniques for radio. Students used state-of-the-art field equipment to record their personal graduation stories to educate and inspire others through short-form radio broadcast.

WSKG partners include Rural Schools Association of New York State, Broome Community College Center for Civic Engagement, Broome-Tioga BOCES, Broome County Urban League, Binghamton High School, Boys and Girls Club of Binghamton, Greater Ithaca Activities Center (GIAC) and Greater Binghamton Educational Opportunity Program. WSKG participated in American Graduate Day.

WXXI (Rochester, NY)  -  Visit the WXXI American Graduate Website

WXXI produced several dropout-related programs, including, Need to Know Rochester: A Challenge to Rochester Schools, Connection: Education Special: Improving Graduation Rates and Connection: Parent Involvement in September. Need to Know Rochester earned the station an invitation to a special screening from the Rochester City School Board, with a news director facilitating the panel discussion.

WXXI New YorkWXXI held a live television American Graduate town hall, “Dropout Dilemma” that looked at how the Rochester City School District's high dropout rate is impacting the community. Participants examined the issue from many perspectives, including the social and economic impact on the region. A panel of community leaders, young people and staff from the Center for Teen Empowerment shared their thoughts about how the dropout crisis affects their lives and neighborhoods.

WXXi’s partners include 2-1-1/LIFE LINE Finger Lakes, NY and Rochester Mentors.

WCNY (Syracuse, NY) -  Visit the WCNY American Graduate Website

With their partners, WCNY created the “Say Yes To Success” campaign that encouraged students to stay in school by taking a “Yes to Success” pledge. They also held the “Yes To Success” student forum where students share personal experiences. Educators shared information about programs available to students to help them stay in school as well as suggestions of ways for the community to get involved.
WCNY's partners include Syracuse City School District, Say Yes to Education, The Prevention Network and the Educational Services Advisory Committee.

New York Teacher Voices:

New York public media stations participated in a nation-wide 'virtual teacher town hall' project. Teachers were asked a series of questions about things that are most important to them--from challenges to "A-ha! moments," from lessons learned to job satisfaction, from curriculum to parent engagement. The topics tackled in this project  showcase a wide range of voices and provide teachers with a chance to interact and share with one another, all while adding to the conversation on America's schools. Hear more Teacher Voices.

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