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WFYI hosted a policy summit on new data about chronic absenteeism among Indiana students. The station hosted guests from around the state for meeting with national experts and local researchers, resulting in policy recommendations for practice and legislation, a state wide coalition, and follow-up meetings with schools, parents, youth organizations and policy makers.

WFYI-forumThey also hosted the 2012 Indiana Public Policy Forum for Family, Schools & Community Engagement, which brought together an audience of 100 state legislators, state education department staff, agency executives, deans, school superintendents and state education organizations interested in developing policy strategies that foster integrated and sustained family and community engagement that connects to student learning. The summit was convened by the Indiana Center for Family, School, and Community Partnerships and the Center for University-Assisted Community Schools at IUPUI.  The six-part series is accessible here.

Further, they held a series of “Conversations about Education” at the Indianapolis Public Library, with nearly 1,000 community members. The conversations were webcast. Participating community partners included Stand for Children and Education Reform Now. In addition, their “Know How 2 Go College Readiness Summit” convened nearly 200 counselors, teachers, administrators, youth workers, financial aid specialists and out-of-school providers to highlight national and state experts and model programs that have been successful in helping students realize their dreams of going to college.

WFYI-youth-voiceIn partnership with the Peace Learning Center and the Indianapolis Museum of Art, WFYI presented a day-long conversation with local high school students about graduation rates. Following a screening of the Frontline documentary “Dropout Nation”, students heard in-person testimonials from former dropouts and participated in discussion groups that focused on specific dropout issues in Indianapolis.  
WFYI collaborated with the Marion County Commission on Youth (MCCOY) to present an interactive youth roundtable discussion, Real Talk Remix, about education. Youth in grades 5-12 participated in the conversation voicing their opinions on education issues in Central Indiana. Students participated in a graphic note taking workshop, and recorded their thoughts.  The students’ work was compiled into a report that was later distributed to lawmakers.

WFYI, the Library, United Way and Indiana Public Schools sponsored the launch of kindergarten registration at local schools. WFYI created a banner for children to sign and note their high school graduation year, in an effort to remind parents that kindergarten is the first step to graduation and create an opportunity to talk about goal setting and other important components.

For American Graduate Day, WFYI broadcast 17 hours of programming including 14 local segments, the 30-minute show “Graduating Indiana”, TEACHER VOICES (see below), and a program featuring Harshman Middle School. Senator Dan Coats and the Chief State School Officer appeared in brief interstitials.

Indiana Videos
WFYI | Showing Up Half the Battle
WFYI | Showing Up Half the Battle Hedy Nai-Lin Chang, of Attendance Works, speaks with WFYI. Read more
WFYI | Anti-Bullying Symposium
WFYI | Anti-Bullying Symposium Indianapolis hosted its first ever symposium on Bullying Prevention as a step toward creating a culture of acceptance. Read more
WFYI Community Town Hall
WFYI Community Town Hall American Graduate Community Town Hall moderated by Judy Woodruff Read more
WFYI | Make a Difference - Mentor
WFYI | Make a Difference - Mentor Indiana Senator Dan Coats on the Importance of Mentoring Read more
WFYI | Graduating Indiana 2013
WFYI | Graduating Indiana 2013 WFYI produced this town hall as part of American Graduate Day 2013 programming. Read more
WFYI | Foster Kids
WFYI | Foster Kids WFYI American Graduate | Foster Kids Read more
Indiana Teacher Voices:

Indiana public media stations participated in a nation-wide 'virtual teacher town hall' project. Teachers were asked a series of questions about things that are most important to them--from challenges to "A-ha! moments," from lessons learned to job satisfaction, from curriculum to parent engagement. The topics tackled in this project  showcase a wide range of voices and provide teachers with a chance to interact and share with one another, all while adding to the conversation on America's schools. Hear more Teacher Voices.

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