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KaBOOMKaBOOM! is the national non-profit organization dedicated to giving kids the childhood they deserve by bringing play to those who need it most.
In recent decades, play among children has been slowly disappearing. When we look at how different childhood is today compared to the childhood we remember, this vanishing act becomes more apparent. Whether play is contributing to building skills children need to succeed in the 21st Century or simply giving children joy, play is an essential part of childhood. We know that play can transform children – from sedentary to physically active, bored to mentally active, and solitary to socially active. When we make sure that our children’s lives are filled with play, we all benefit: our communities will be healthier and happier today, and our society will be stronger and more resilient tomorrow. 

Our Call-to-Action

GET INVOLVED! Play is often seen as a luxury, but research shows it can transform how children learn and grow. KaBOOM! needs your help spreading the word about the power of play. Contact us  directly to learn more and share.  

KaBOOM! on the 2013 American Graduate Day Broadcast

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KaBOOM! in Action

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