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Reel Works provides a free filmmaking program continuum for NYC teens. Using a unique one-on-one mentoring model, we challenge at-risk youth to tell their stories and have their voices heard. In turn, they build vital skills of literacy, leadership and self-confidence to create productive futures. Reel Works Teen Filmmaking was founded in 2001 at the Prospect Park YMCA as a full-time nonprofit arts organization aimed at empowering NYC students to use their voices and document their stories through the media of film.

American Dropout

American Dropout an original half hour documentary produced by Reel Works teens about the dropout crisis in New York City schools aired as a featured program on WNET Thirteen's American Graduate Day broadcast on Saturday, September 22nd. The documentary was commissioned by Thirteen and features a teen's eye view of the alarming epidemic of high school dropouts in our city.


Reel Works Teens and Mentors on American Graduate Day 2012

Reel Works Teen Filmmaking
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