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altPartnership with Children Inc.’s mission is to strengthen the emotional, social and cognitive skills of at-risk children so that they can succeed in school, in society and in life.  This organization has been helping New York City’s underserved young people for over 100 years, offering a full array of crucial services to at-risk children who are facing daunting challenges in their lives in and outside of school.

PwC offers early intervention, preventive services and counseling to over 13, 000 students in almost 30 schools annually, as well as their families, teachers and communities through Open Heart-Open Mind, our school-based programs.  Staff provides professional development services for educators nationwide.

Open Heart-Open Mind achieves success by placing teams of social workers into schools full time to provide comprehensive support to the children and families who need it most.  PwC’s work on attendance matters and in building a positive school climate, encourages students to stay in school and to graduate.

Partnership with Children on American Gradaute Day 2012

"The collaboration with Partnership with Children has become an integral component of the school community providing social, emotional and academic support which translates into success for all!”

-Principal Valarie Lewis PS 124 South Ozone Park Queens

Partnership with Children

299 Broadway, Suite 1300
New York, NY 10007



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