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"A school where children don't feel safe is a school where children struggle to learn. It is a school where kids drop out, tune out, and get depressed. Not just violence but bullying, verbal harassment, substance abuse, cyber-bullying, and disruptive classrooms all interfere with a student's ability to learn."
—U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan
No child makes a sudden decision to leave school. Instead, it's a long progression of often several factors that builds over time, resulting in the eventual decision to drop out. For many, bullying plays a big role in this decision. Physical, verbal and emotional harassment can make a child feel isolated, and even afraid to attend school. Children will skip classes or even full days to avoid their tormenters, and will fall behind as a result.
The majority of bullying in elementary school happens at recess. See how our featured American Graduate Day partner, Playworks, is changing that landscape and using play to combat bullying. (Starts at 4:24:40)
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