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The Early College Initiative at The City University of New York (CUNY) supports 14 public schools in New York City that blend a rigorous college-prep curriculum with the opportunity to earn up to two years of college credit while in high school – at no cost to students and their families. These innovative schools make a college education more accessible, affordable and attractive to New York City students by offering programs that blur the lines between middle school, high school and college.  

Kingsborough Early College Secondary School (KECSS) is one of these 14 schools. At KECSS, all students have an opportunity to earn a tuition-free Associate degree through Kingsborough Community College (KCC).  With instructional supports and small class size, students have access to the KCC campus as early as 6th grade. To promote higher order thinking, students learn through inquiry, enrichment and a challenging academic program. The focus on youth development fosters confidence and self-advocacy resulting in students becoming successful adults, prepared to continue their studies.

In 2013 at KECSS, the first cohort of students to go through the entire 6th to 12th grade program achieved a 90% graduation rate and of the students who graduated, about 60% also earned Associate degrees!

Our Call-to-Action

GET INVOLVED!  It all starts with you!  Contact your local elected representative to create more early college schools in New York City. Encourage all of the young people you know to attend early college schools; gateways to educational and career success! We urge you to get involved with your Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), contact the parent coordinator at your school, and volunteer with your Community and Citywide Education Council. Contact us directly for more information.

The Early College Initiative at The City University of New York (CUNY) on the American Graduate Day 2013 broadcast

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